Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Artists' Nook Studio is a teaching space offered to local instructors to teach their classes. All instructors are independent instructors who set their own prices and class offerings. Stuart Art Supplies only rents space to the instructors.

Where is the Artiosts' Nook Studio located?

43 se Kindred Street, Stuart - near the Stuart Post Office and Hometown Cleaners. Conveniently located next to Stuart Art Supply.

How do I find out about a class?

Review the classes page. You will find some basic information about the classes and the different ways to contact the instructors.

How much are your art classes?

The individual teachers are responsible for setting their prices. Follow the links on the classes page.

Do you have classes for children?

Due to the studio schedule, most classes do not fit school schedules. We currently offer a class on Saturday mornings. Check out the classes page for a list of local children's programs.

Are classes offered in a series?

No, classes are an open studio -  you pay as you go. Sometimes the instructor will offer a series so it's best to contact them from our classes page.

Can I visit a class?

Visiting a particular class is encouraged during the scheduled class time period. Please be discreet and realize the instructor may not be available to answer questions at that time. Beware that the students may not let you leave, they enjoy welcoming new students. (This may be restricted due to space limits)

Who sets the studio rules?

Stuart Art Supply has broad rules governing the use of the studio for safety. Acrylic and Oil painting waste are never dumped down the drain. Ask your instructor for the proper method. Students are required to clean up their work area before the end of class time. There is limited time between class periods.

What about parking?

There are 5 spots behind the studio, additional on-street parking, and at times spots behind the dry cleaner. Parking in front of the businesses, near or behind Elle Salon, or north (to the left) of the dry cleaner, is not permitted.

Do you offer an open studio?

Currently, we are only offering classes.

Is the studio available for rent?

Yes, the studio is available for rent. More information can be explained by reaching out to us using the Contact Page.

Is the studio ADA Compliant?

We make the studio accessible to everyone. If you have specific needs please contact us via the Contact Page.

Are there special discounts for students in classes?

Everyone who purchases supplies from Stuart Art Supplies qualifies for the same discounts: 50% OFF Canvas Panels, 40% Stretched Canvas, 30% OFF Brushes, 20% OFF Paper by-the-pad & 15% OFF most Paints and mediums.