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Karen Leffel-Massengill

Karen Leffel-Massengil

Oil Painting

Karen describes her world as having a frame around it. She compulsively chooses boundaries, shapes & colors judging everything that needs to be painted.
From her home in South Florida, Karen experiments with scenes on her paintings. She uses vibrant colors and an impressionistic style to stimulate excitement. Karen also interprets shapes and patterns with watercolors and oils.

Carol Kepp

Caroil Kepp

Oil & Acrylic Painting

I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cleveland Ad School where I developed my love of painting and fostered my passion for teaching.
I have been teaching oil and acrylic painting for beginners for over 30 years.

Brenda Leigh

Brenda Leigh

Painting – Various Mediums

My passion is experiencing the artistic development of my students. Watching them open up as they master their skills

Sally Browning Pearson

Sally Pearson

Watercolor Painting

When I saw my first watercolor painting I was hooked. Watercolor possesses the potential for a fresh and lively look. While the watercolor painting is a demanding medium it always presents something new, giving my life delight and purpose.
After years of watercolor painting,  acceptance into many exhibits brought me commercial success bolstering my confidence. Soon the requests for instruction won me over. My students not only proved I could be a good teacher but helped me to advance my own painting skills.

Sharon Ferina

Sharon Ferina

Watercolor Painting

My inspiration has always been fed by both color and texture. I am uplifted by working from the unknown, from within to without. I start by splashing color and adding texture with various media. When this first application dries, I study this piece until it speaks to me. This combination of clear sparkling colors along with using enhancing textural techniques results in the v=creation of unusual and distinctive artwork that can’t be duplicated.

Karen Simmons

Artistic Journaling & Other Fun Art Projects

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Soooo excited for our first November Art on Thursday!!!! Gratitude boxes, gratitude Stones, and Gratitude Gift bag Journals. We are full of THANKS!!!!! And GIVING! Are you in, I’ll see you there from 2-4!!

Fabulous art class today!!!!! I’m BLESSED to have these great friends/ creators in my life!!!!! 🍁🍁🥰 Love Stuart Art and Supply too!!!!!! next week last class of October!!!!!