Artists' Nook Studio Karen Leffel-Massengill

Karen Leffel-Massengill

Oil Painting Classes

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Study.

Karen offers weekly classes in the Artists’ Nook Studio:

Monday Morning 9 AM (Intermediate-Advanced)

Monday Afternoon 1 PM (Intermediate-Advanced)

Tuesday Morning 9 AM – Introduction to Oil Painting (Ideal for New Painters, Renewed Painters or Painters transitioning to Oil Painting)

Tuesday Afternoon 1 PM – Introduction to Oil Painting (Ideal for New Painters, Renewed Painters, or Painters transitioning to Oil Painting)Students attending this class will be required to wear a face-covering mask or shield during class beginning in January 2021.

Introduction to Oil Painting with Karen Leffel-Massengill Class

This is the type of class for people who have always had an interest in learning how to paint in oil. We start with the basics and progress according to each student’s individual level of achievement. A limited palette will be used so that color mixing is simplified and initial costs are reduced. The class will begin with a 30-minute demonstration followed by a critique of each student’s progress. The remaining studio time will focus on individualized instruction. The class size will never be more than 12 students.  This class is ongoing during the year and is conducive to individual schedules.

Karen Leffel-Massengil